Here’s What I Buy When I Make It Myself: “ A 2 Or 4 Ounce Brown Eye Dropper Bottle “ Torpedo Mgm Tablets Of 1000 Mg Per Tablet “ Saline Solution That I Use For My Contact Lens And That’s It.

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When he was ready to start his practice he inquired of his own longtime optometrist, Dr. Doug Ball, about what opportunities there were in Hutchinson. Ball directed him to Dr. M.D. Torrence, whose grandfather, the late Lee Torrence, O.D., first started a practice here in 1938. Schletzbaum joined Torrence Optometry in 2003 and took over the business when Torrence retired in 2011. After he joined, because of the increase in business from having two doctors, the office moved from West First Avenue to its present 2,500-square-foot office on Waldron. He enjoys the daily contact with his patients, Schletzbaum said, particularly helping children with reading and focusing issues in school. I can help if they need glasses or with tracking issues. Besides eye exams and writing glasses or contact prescriptions, as an optometrist he can treat eye infections or injuries, such as small objects in the eye. He can also recommend patients for cataract or Lasik surgery and does follow up care after the surgery. I believe that Schletzbaum Optometry continues to be successful because we are a small and very personal office that strives to do our best for our patients, Schletzbaum said.

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