For One Thing, Maybe They Could Help People Who Live In Areas Without Surgeons Or Affordable Health Care.

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Based on these early results, the data demonstrate that PiXL is a promising refractive procedure for low myopia, offering the potential for vision improvement without tissue ablation. The preliminary 12 month results build upon what we observed at the three and six month evaluations, said Dr. Matthias Elling, FEBO, Ruhr University Eye Hospital, Bochum, Germany. Based on these outcomes, the long-term stability of PiXL treatment appears favorable. is exciting to see the potential of this new procedure for the large numbers of patients currently wearing contact lenses who have chosen not to have traditional refractive surgery. The second study, performed at Eagle Eye Centre in Singapore, designed to analyze the safety and efficacy of trans-epithelial PiXL in correcting low myopia, evaluated treatment results in 8 patients (14 myopic eyes, -1.62 0.6D, range -0.75 to -2.625D) who underwent the procedure and were followed for 9 months postoperatively. Efficacy findings included a mean myopia reduction of 0.75D at 9 months. Safety evaulations found no significant loss in endothelial cell count or BCVA, and no significant corneal haze post-procedure. A questionnaire administered at 6 months post-op also found high levels of patient satisfaction. In addition to the positive safety and efficacy findings, we were pleased to find a high satisfaction rate for the procedure with patients, said Dr.

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It is painless and rarely results in increased eye pressure or other eye problems. Dr. For one thing, maybe they could help people who live in areas without surgeons or affordable health care. Cataracts may cause a variety of complaints and visual changes, including blurred vision, difficulty with glare often with bright sun or automobile headlights while driving at night, dull color vision, increased nearsightedness accompanied by frequent changes in eyeglass prescription, and occasionally, double vision in one eye. The second element is traced either to arhattein “to strike hard” in which case the compound is kat-arrhattein, or to rhattein “to dash, break.” After surgery, your need for glasses will often be reduced, but not eliminated. But during middle age, most cataracts are small and do not affect vision. Good food sources of vitamin E include sunflower seeds, almonds and spinach., the improved vision is short-lived and will disappear as the cataract worsens.